Madera By Erika

Tales of a woodworking mom

The Beginnings


Hello there.

Welcome to my blog. I haven’t done this in years, so it may be a bit rocky. But I hope to be able to write a few things here and there about my journey. Maybe some tips, maybe some real life moments of being a mom of 4 wonderful kids, a wife to a husband currently pursuing his Masters in Mechanical Engineering and wanting to also woodwork.

Some days are smoother, some days I don’t even make it to the shop. My family is my first priority but they are also learning (my kids that is) that I am not only a mom. I have 3 daughters and I feel like it does them a disservice if we tell them to pursue their dreams if I loose mine in motherhood. I love being a mom, but I also need to have other pursuits in my life, because I’m not always going to have the sound of little feet in the halls and little hands to guide. Maybe my hands can guide their hands into being woodworkers? A mom can dream right?

The farther I have gotten into woodworking, the more I see how much there is to learn and that is exciting. I love to think that there isn’t an end to the learning journey in this field. I love that I get to work with my hands and create something out of a tree.

So this will be the beginning of the future writings of a Mom who also woodworks.

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